Riabitare il futuro

Art project in the Abruzzo rural landscapes, 2015-2017

 © Fabio Artese 

Ri-abitare il Futuro (Re-inhabiting the Future) is a cultural and artistic innovation project that proposes research aimed at promoting the reuse and valorization of the Abruzzo region in its most "hidden" beauties. By collecting the seed of tradition to transform it in the present, the intention was to look for a new way of living in places that have been marginalized and abandoned in the process of economic development in recent decades.



Through a multidisciplinary approach, "Ri-abitare il Futuro" generated a process of exploration and encounters that gave rise to:


  • An evolutionary journey of in situ performances - RACCOLTO - in unusual and historical sites of the various villages of Abruzzo crossed and inhabited during the residential period. With the participation of residents, the artistic intention was to combine different media (dance, theatre, visual and sound arts) with the valorization of a specific local heritage. 


  • A documentary video RACCOLTO (link to video) that brings together the lived experience and imagery evoked through the visionary prism of video maker Stefano Scipioni.


  • Intergenerational encounters through storytelling, transmission and celebration (e.g.: tales of modus vivendi customs of the past, sharing local craftsmanship that has now disappeared, learning folk dances, conviviality of the local festa).



*RACCOLTO is the name given to both the performances and the video creation as a connecting sign of this experimental process between the arts and the community.

Concept Artistic Direction & Production

Gisela Fantacuzzi, Franco Sacchetti, Francesca Saraullo
Dance & Creation
Gisela Fantacuzzi, Hélene Gautier, Chiara Orefice, Caterina Palmucci, Francesca Saraullo
Original music composition “Untitled HaYYot” 
Federico Dal Pozzo
Sound Research
Cabiria Chomel
Stefano Scipioni
Fabio Artese, Antonio Stella
Special thanks to 
Andrea Cecchoni


Produced by 



Supported by 

ACS Circuito Abruzzo Spettacolo, Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Majella National Park, Abruzzo Region, CedTerra, Province of Chieti.



GB GRAFICA, Dealer Informatica, Tecnoufficio, LUX, Meccanica Project, A.F.I., MAIELLA Pastificio, GuilmiArtProject, San Nicola Wines, AVIS, Paolo Tonino's Bio Farm, Licineto Bio Farm, Fonte Trocchi Farm, Caramanico Theater Residences; Studies Center for Alto Vastese and Trigno Valley; Chi Semina racconta Association, Children's Library of Carpineto Sinello.


With contributions from all the municipalities involved 

San Buono, Carpineto Sinello, Palmoli, Tufillo, Castiglione Messer Marino, Schiavi d’Abruzzo, Pollutri, Pretoro, Rapino, Roccacasale, Raiano, Corfinio, Casalincontrada. 

teaser, RACCOLTO, 2015


teaser, RACCOLTO, 2017


RACCOLTO (2015-2017)
dancetheatre performances in unusual or historical places in different villages of Abruzzo, Italy
credit photo Fabio Artese, Antonio Stella, Irene Marotta














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