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Artvideo documentary, 2017 

 ©  Fabio Artese

RACCOLTO is a video that was created within the project “Riabitare il Futuro” (Re-inhabiting the Future) to document in a poetic and visionary form the lived experience of a group of heterogeneous artists in the social and landscape tissue of Abruzzo between the countryside and the mountains. 



“RACCOLTO was born from the need to retrace images, sounds and sensations from lands, faces and relationships in the countryside of Abruzzo. A territory rich in stories and biodiversity, in semi-abandoned villages and new social and cultural orders, in persisting rituals, hurt nature and sacrified animals, men and women that bring on their wrinkled skin the signs of a marginal yet unique and precious life. 


The presence of five dancers and performers, for a common work of artistic research, has become a “vehicle” to re-live our roots. I have chopped into many pieces my memory, and I have planted these fragments in different places, where each one has grown as a new tree. Raccolto is the forest, formed by all these trees, by visions and chants enclosed in a memory, not only mine anymore, yet reawakened into a “us”, which is as actual and urgent as never before”. 

 (Stefano Scipioni)



"Riabitare il Futuro" was an innovative cultural and artistic project supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture, the Abruzzo's Region and Maiella National Park, and promoted by the artistic collective arTeaLter (initiated by Gisela Fantacuzzi, Franco Sacchetti, Francesca Saraullo). 






The proposal was to promote he reuse and valorization of the Abruzzo region in its most "hidden" beauties. By collecting the seed of tradition to transform it in the present, the intention was to look for a new way of living in places that have been marginalized and abandoned in the process of economic development in recent decades.


RACCOLTO can be translated in English as “harvest” or “harvested”.

13’35’’ format 16:9, color, Italian language, 2017, Italy   


Concept Francesca Saraullo

Realisation Stefano Scipioni 

Performers Hélene Gautier, Gisela Fantacuzzi, Chiara Orefice, Caterina Palmucci, Francesca Saraullo


Original music composition “Untitled “HaYYot” Federico Dal Pozzo

Soundtrack from Canti e Racconti dei contadini d’Abruzzo “Le registrazioni di Elvira Nobilio (1957-58)” SQUILIBRI


Special thanks Franco Sacchetti, Andrea Cecchoni, Cabiria Chomel, Fabio Artese, Antonio Stella, IL MONS, la signora Annina 


With participation of local municipalities 

San Buono, Carpineto Sinello, Roccacasale, Casalincontrada, Castiglione Messer Marino, Schiavi d’Abruzzo



arTeaLter, 2017, Italie 










RACCOLTO, artvideo documentary, 2017

Danse en film, 2017, Bordeaux, France 




Danse en Film, International Dance Film Festival (Bordeaux FR)




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