Italian choreographer, dancer, performer, visual artist and teacher based in Brussels since 2012. 

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As a multidisciplinary artist, I work at the crossroads of dance, performance and video.

As a curious and caring observer of human beings and their fragilities, my research combines collective and individual exploration. In this way, my creations explore a certain universality of the imaginary, the feminine and memory.


Somatic education (Dance Sensible - in which I trained with Claude Coldy for six years - and Fasciatherapy - which I approached with the dancer-researcher Florence Augendre, and later with the dancer Anja Röttgerkamp) also nourishes my work.


Focusing on the presence of the body, the spontaneity of gesture and the fluidity of movement, I sculpt living matter, bringing out what is already there and aiming to reveal possible spaces of joy and freedom.

 © Mark IJzerman

My career trajectory reflects my curiosity and openness to different forms of expression: after graduating in "Multimedia and Performing Arts and Film and Media Engineering" in Turin (Italy), I went on to complete my degree at ISAC (Institut Supérieur des Arts et des Chorégraphies) in Brussels. I studied "Art in the Public Space" at the Royal Academy of Fine Art.


I further enriched my dance, theatre and singing training with international masters such as Nina Dipla, Raffaella Giordano, Loïc Touzé, David Zambrano and Meg Stuart, and participated in the highly influential 'Transforme, Se prolonger' training course run by Myriam Gourfink (Fondation Royaumont, France, 2010).


I worked on the choreographic project La Procession by Nacera Belaza (Biennale college danza, Venice, 2015); I took part in the research project ATLAS - create your dance trails (ImPulsTanz, Vienna International Dance Festival, 2019); I collaborated with choreographers Chrysanthi Badeka (re-FLOW, 2019), Isabella Soupart (AFTER WORDS, 2015), Lynda Gaudreau (OUT OF GRACE, 2013), Nina Dipla (Kyma, 2011), Frédérique Robert (De… la poussée rythmique de l'espace sur une pomme, 2012), as well as with the TANGRAM TEATRO company (Il Viaggio di Ulisse, 2007) and the artist Marcel.lì Antunez Roca - from the La Fura dels Baus collective (HIPERMEMBRANA, 2007).


In 2017 I created my first choreographic work LA SOSPESA, performed at Valletta Contemporary gallery in the frame of VERBI art exhibition (MT), MagFest ITALIA (IT), PLACE - SURFACES FESTIVAL (IT), gallery "Espace Beaurepaire" (FR), Temp studio (PT), BUDA arts center (BE). This was followed by ANAMNESIS (2019), LUX (2019), Et toi... (2018); and also the visual works W. (2020), RACCOLTO (2017), Moulbaix Dr. (2014), Ballerina (2013), MiNunn (2012).


My various creations have been presented in the international festivals/theatres MUZEU'M L (BE), M HKA (BE), Hetpaleis (BE), Dagvandedans (BE), IDDF Brussels (BE), Centre d'art contemporain Tignous de Montreuil (FR), Eix Festival (ES), Florian Metateatro (IT), La danza in 1 minuto (IT).


Since 2020, I have benefited from research support from the French-speaking Community of Belgium (Charleroi Danse 2021, FWB 2022) by taking part, among others, in the residency programmes "GINcubator2021" by garage29, "Around a process of making 2022" by Marosi Festival and "AiR2022" by ŻfinMalta Company. 


Alongside my personal artistic work, I am a member of two collectives: Accompany Class (group of freelance dance artists coming together to do “morning class”) and Embrace (network of professionals engaged with the soma – the experiencing body).


I am currently in the process of creating the show O., scheduled for autumn 2024.

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