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Dance video art, 2020

 ©  frame video 

3’10’’ format 16:9, English language, 2020, Belgium


Concept & realisation Francesca Saraullo

Dance Agnese Barucca, Susanna Dimitri, Gisela Rosa Fantacuzzi, Sephora Gauci, Anastasia Guevel, Ilaria Orlandini, Giulia Piana, Adélaïde Prud’homme, Francesca Rita Saraullo, Zoë Schreckenberg, Marta Giovanna Tabacco, Claire Tonna, Carolina Van Eps

Voices Adélaïde Prud’homme, Claire Tonna


Special thanks to Claire Tonna


Production Francesca Saraullo, lockdown March-May 2020, BE 









   A place of Origin. 


   The breath guides attention to the pelvic portal inside. Like a wave, silence    reveals movement, movement becomes dance, moan, chant; revealing the      voice of the sacred, of the animal, of the human, of being Woman. 


   Becoming body, the belonging, the recalling; freedom from Shame. 










    Remembering we are complete, singularly making together the plural. 

    From micro to macro, 


    a Mosaic of life itself. 




     Is a dancing video art work portraying a pelvic choir of 13 women. 

     W. forms part of the choreographic project “Archaeology of gesture”. 




W., art video dance, 2020

Dance Video Festival Bourgogne, IDFFBrussels

Born from CORPO PELVICO research-based project

There are many names for the power-within, none of which is entirely satisfactory. It can be called “spirit”, … It could be called God, ... I called it immanence... and I called her the Goddess, because the ancient myths, symbols and images of the Goddess such as childbirth, weaving, earth, plant growth, wind, ocean, flame, cloth, moon and milk, all speak to me of the powers of that which connects, nourishes, heals and creates".




    Starhawk, Dreaming the Dark: Magic, Sex, and Politics, pg. 38-39


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L’art difficile de filmer la danse 11 International dancefilmfestival brussels , sections : X et Belgian Beauties (Bruxelles, BE)


HomeVideoDance promoted by "International Video Dance Festival of Bourgogne" during lockdown 2020 (Bourgogne, FR)


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