la sospesa 05.jpeg

Sur la pointe des cheveux

Artvideo documentary, 2017

 © Dario Prinari

Sur la pointe des cheveux is an art video documentary portraying different stages of La Sospesa's creative process. 


The video was made in collaboration with video maker Nasrine Kheltent, who followed the various research phases of La Sospesa's creation.


Through a process of collection, drift and continuous dialogue, we composed this object that aims to document a study, an obsession, questions, a weaving.



7’50’’ format 16:9, color, fr-eng language, 2017, Belgium


Concept Francesca Saraullo  

Realisation  Nasrine Kheltent 

Special thanks to all those who contributed to the creation of “La Sospesa”






Sur la pointe des cheveux, artvideo documentary, 2017

presented during the showing in BUDA arts center, 

final creative residency, Kortrijk, Belgium


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