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Solo performance, new creation 2023-2024

 ©  Francesca Saraullo & Giorgia Carrino 

O. is a yonologue: a monologue in two voices – one danced and one written - that inverts the “brain-pelvis” hierarchy to make space for the pelvic body to speak. Here the pelvis manifests itself as a motor for movement, a generator for speaking, and–as the site where human life originates–a connection to all forms of life.


In a yonologue, the “m” for mono, me, masculine, is replaced by the “y” for yoni, the sacred sanskrit term for “origin” that represents the female genital organs. A yonologue differs from a monologue by reordering the culturally hierarchical distinction between pelvis and brain, bottom and top, body and spirit, sound and speech, movement and language, profane and sacred.


The shape of the monologue – which traditionally focuses on a single subject – most often human and male – is reworked to give rise to a feminine plural that commences with personal singular experiences, and expands from there to include all forms of life: humans of all genders, animals, plants, minerals.


Alone on stage, the performer set in motion the indecipherable, unspeakable and sometimes contradictory things contained in the pelvis, finding a new way of articulating the binaries of body and soul, irrational and rational, shadow and light, intuition and science, other-than-human and human profane and sacred.


The raw and wild choreography is accompanied and extended by a surtitle projected in real time that offers a second point of entry to this two-voiced yonologue. The text is made up of 'traces', textual fragments collected during somatic experiments centered onto the pelvis, and quotations selected from the fictional and non-fictional literary landscape that surrounds us.


During the piece, the body also dialogues with a video (which evokes a collective imagination of the pelvis through anatomy, biology, nature, religion, daily life, mythology, archeology) creating a strong and impactful visual landscape where reality and fiction merge. 


The “graphical” gesture unfolds in parallel with the choreographed gesture, as if to give voice through the words and the images to a preverbal language, embodying, at the same time, the creative and original power of a woman.


The performance comes to an end with a vocal guidance for the audience, who are gently invited to immerse themselves in a sensitive and participatory experience of their own pelvis.





"O." is the result of a somatic and choreographic based-research process CORPO PELVICO centered on the energetic, motor and creative potential of the pelvic sphere.


By sharing among a diverse public (such as illiterate women, seniors, children, professionals and amateur adults in the field of performing arts) I could realize how crucial it is to work specifically on the pelvis, and how urgent it has become to give a voice to such an intimate place.


From these encounters came a desire to gather, abstract, and transform the materials and experiences I’ve collected since the dawn of this work to mold it into a poetic stage shape: O. . 

Concept, choreography & performance Francesca Saraullo  

Dramaturgy & text  Alice Van der Wielen-Honinckx 

Light design & Stage management Eleanor Bryce / Joseph Iavicoli

Sound Clelia Patrono 

Video Francesca Saraullo

Costume Berenike Corcuera

Set & costume research Francesca Saraullo in collaboration with Le Vaisseau Tournai

Artistic accompanying Ilaria Orlandini, Hélène Gautier

Choreographic advice Stéphanie Auberville

Outside eye Silvia Pezzarossi


Time 45' 



Co-production Gruppo E-Motion

Creation residency Campo; Danspunt ; Arts Centre VIERNULVIER ; Escale du Nord – CC d'Anderlecht ; GC De Rinck; Summer PARTS; Le Vaisseau - Tournai ; Florian Metateatro ; SpazioMatta. 


Research residency (2023-2020) : Kunstenwerkplaats ; LeBamp ; Teatre de sa Teulera Andratx ; Spazio Matta ; Zfinmalta dance national academy («AiR 2022»); Marosi Stromboli Festival («around a process of making 2022») ; Maison de la Création ; CC Garçia Lorca ; Garage29 (GINcubator21) ; Charleroi danse ; Théâtre Marni ; De Kriekelaar GC ; Workspace Ricerca X, Lavanderia a Vapore ; ATLAS, ImPulsTanz.

With the support of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles (grant) ; Charleroi danse (grant) ; WBI ; LeBamp ; ILES Artist Project ; Institut culturel italien à Malte ; Zfinmalta dance national academy ; Workspace Ricerca X.






teaser, O. work step, May 2024 

OFFestival - garage29, Brussels, Belgium


Template of the written yonologue projected in live

W., art video dance, 2020

Dance Video Festival Bourgogne, IDFFBrussels

Born from CORPO PELVICO research-based project

“Let us listen to the language of the body, its fragility and imperfections, in order to find, beyond its periphery, that magical continuity with the other living organisms that populate the Earth.”



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ph Mira Matthew, OFFestival 2024 - garage29, Brussels, Belgium 



ph Natalia Roshchenko, OFFestival 2024 - garage29, Brussels, Belgium 



frame video, ALT Attraverso la tendenza Festival 2023, Pescara, Italy





Mai 26

O. performance - showing in the frame of OFFestival 24 

Garage29, rue de Moerkerke 29, 1080 Brussels, Belgium

September 19

O. performance – showing after residency

Escale du Nord, Av. de Scheut 147, 1070 Brussels, Belgium


September 27

O. performance – premiere

Florian Metateatro, via Valle Roveto, 39, 65124 Pescara, Italy


October 27

O. performance – showing in the frame of Troglodytes

Atelier 210, Chau. Saint-Pierre 210, 1040 Brussel, Belgium




work steps

June 17, 2023 

ALT - Attraverso la tendenza Festival

Florian Metateatro, Pescara, Italy


March 11, 2023 

KÖRPER meets MAROSI event

KÖRPER National Dance Production Centre, Naples, Italy

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