Mi Nunn

Dance video art, 2012

 © frame video

Two people, an old couple, dance with spontaneity and presence. 


Is it possible to recognize a dance in the simple gestures that often blend in imperceptibly?



"Mi Nunn" is a video dance with non-dancers. Using documentary images, I stole fragments of the lives of two people. I asked them to dance for me according to their instincts

Through a straightforward montage I created a portrait that speaks of them as individuals and as a couple, and also as grandparents, my grandparents. It was their naivety that moved me the most. And it was through this emotion that I decided to honour them!


Imagined with an old 4:3 camera and a smartphone, I wanted to film the present in the immediate act of the events.

1’05’’ format DV-PAL, i-Phone, 4:3, color,  2012, Italy


Concept & Realisation Francesca Saraullo  

Dance Umberto Angelini, Lucia Basile



Francesca Saraullo, 2012, IT



BALLERINA, dance video art, 2020

La danse dans 1 minute, COORPI




La danse dans une minute, II Edition 2012, COORPI Networkde dance (Turin, IT)

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