lux by francesca r. saraullo _ mark ijzerman @credit photo mark ijzerman.jpeg


Dance & visual performance, 2019

 © Mark IJzerman

Dance & performance Francesca Saraullo  

Visual & sound installations Mark IJzerman


Time from 1h to 4h ongoing durational


LUX is a durational performance combining dance and machines reflecting sunlight in choreographed patterns. 


This meditative four-hour performance happens with respect to what’s already there: the weather influences the ability to reflect the sunlight, the architecture and the soundscape of the performance venue. The movement of the dancer, the position of the sun, the space and the sound (natural and electronically generated) are linked.


As a poetic living installation, LUX invites the audience to be witness to a contemplative and magical experience, evoking the beauty, the power and the necessity of the sun. 





LUX could exist for places like museums, galleries, alternatives outdoor as well as indoor spaces. 

According to the context, the performance could happen integrally outside or through a passage from the indoor to the outdoor of the location. 


The logistic of LUX does not have any particular technical requirements except for the presence of the daily light: it could be either outdoor or indoor (with a direct source). 


The machines are robotic, interactive and solar PHOTOSPHERE installations created by Mark IJzerman. 


M HKA in collaboration avec Dag van de Dans ; MUZE’UM L & De Spil cc | BE  

Temp Studio Lisbon (artisticresidency) | PT




teaser LUX<>Photospheres 

MUZEU’M L museum, Roeselare, Belgium


teaser LUX as adapted version for DoD2019

M HKA museum, Antwerp, Belgium

lux by francesca r. saraullo _ mark ijzerman @credit photo mark ijzerman.jpeglux_outside%2002.jpeglux_outside%2001.jpeglux_outside%2000.jpegtgo_lux-museuml_16062019_6245.jpegtgo_lux-museuml_16062019_6247.jpegtgo_lux-museuml_16062019_6251.jpegtgo_lux-museuml_16062019_6260.jpeglux%20%20by%20francesca%20r.%20saraullo%20_%20mark%20ijzerman%20@credit%20photo%20mark%20ijzerman.jpeg

@ Tom Goffa, Mark IJzerman, MUZEU’M L museum & DeSpil, Roeselare, Belgium

@ Evelyne Van Heck, M HKA museum, Antwerp, Belgium




June 14-15, 2019

LUX <> Photospheres EVENT

MUZEU'ML museum & DeSpil, Roeselare, Belgium


April 27, 2019 

Dag van de Dans, DoD 2019

M HKA museum, Antwerp, Belgium 



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