francesca capture


Dance video art, 2014

 © frame video

francesca is a video about the relationship created during a performative act.


The accelerated and schizophrenic editing leads to a dematerialization of the performer's body in the image, going in search of a relationship based on the breaking up of identity and the denial of referentiality.

The loss of a rational relationship passes through the use of remote communication technologies (skype) and their main characteristics: incorporeality, disconnection of the voice from the body, segmentation of space, division of the body.

The video investigates the possibility of a non-social, non-communicative but emotional and performative relationship by pursuing, without ever reaching it, a faraway intimacy.

The fluidity of the images and the decomposition of the sound give a sign of the impossibility of recomposing a unified and univocal identity of a post-contemporary relationship

The video has Giorgio Agamben's book “Nudities” as its main reference.


4'18'' format 16:9, Italian language, 2014, Italy


Concept & Realisation Stefano Scipioni

Performer Francesca Saraullo

Sound Federico Dal Pozzo

Stage assistant Estelle Bibbo


Supported by Electa Creative Arts, Teramo, IT



francesca, dance video art, 2014

Presented in the context of “Video in Cantiere” in ELECTA Créative Arts, Teramo, IT

francesca capturefrancesca%20capture



Video in Cantiere, ELECTA Créative Arts, Teramo, IT




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