Dance and conscious movement workshop for a wider audience

CORPS SENSIBLE is a creative class intended to restore a sense of balance to the body in a time and space dedicated to dance. 


I generally work in 2 phases

the first part involves listening to the body through mobility, relaxation and breathing exercises while sitting on a chair or standing (in a circle). 


The second part is devoted to exploring movement, rhythm and body weight, with exercises ranging from more theatrical improvisation (e.g. associating a gesture with your name, associating a gesture with a characteristic of your personality), to more choreographic improvisation (e.g. working in pairs with touch, using the stick as a partner, proposing a movement drive) to dance sequences. 


I normally close with an improvisation that integrates the elements we've gone through, followed by a circle that restores balance to the body. I use different kinds of music.


I rely a lot on my sensations in the present moment. I activate the space, transform the energy and lead the group towards an openness.

Ateliers for seniors - DIVERCITY (Forest - BXL, BE)


Workshop for women movers - ATELIERS D'ART DE LA BARAQUE in collaboration with Mouvance (Louvain-la-Neuve, BE)


Sound & dance research project with Cabiria Chomel - THEATER TARTAAR in collaboration with Q02&De School van de Gaasbeek (Lennik, BE)


Contact me for further info:

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