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Choreographic and physical practice around the pelvis

 © Margerita Pulè 

- Aimed at professionals and lovers of movement -

Through touch, listening and dance, we gradually move to the individual to the group. 



By the intention of deconstructing, rediscovering and giving voice to unknown meanders of the body, revealing imprints of the past and the joys of the present, I propose a corporeal and choreographic practice around the pelvic sphere, as the beating heart of the body, the energetic womb, the gatherer of intimate and universal memories. 

Personal narrative intertwines with memories that emerge from faraway places, calling upon animality and, perhaps, prehistoric and mythological archetypes that belong to us all. 


Interested in the exploration of a primary gesture in a subtle listening of the body in movement, I propose to recontact the vital essence of the dancing being. As a political act of recognition of a shared individual and collective memory, the pelvis will be the main lead of this experience. 


A somatic and sensory approach will be the fundamental working tool to open the perceptive and sensitive capacities of the body in order to move from the micro to the macro, from slow to dynamic privileging an economy of movement.


I will propose an encounter of practices such as sensitive dance, improvisation and instantaneous composition using breathing, experiential anatomy and the imaginary as sources of inspiration and grounding. 


Writing and drawing could be used as tools to deposit and share the work.


While respecting one's own rhythm and that of the group, time will be opened up to dance by archaeologically sculpting the surfaces, layers and reliefs of the body from the perspective of the pelvis.


Travail sensoriel et dynamique pour public divers : workshop, sharing practice, ateliers tout âge. 

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© Catherine Lemaître, EMBRACE event, Bruxelles, 2023



 © Anne Golaz, Infor-Femmes Anderlecht, Bruxelles 2022 


 © Massimo Malco, Quale genere di corpo ?, Turin, 2021


 © Andrea Macchia, Workspace Ricerca X , Turin, 2021


 © Claire Tonna, garage29, 2020                                                     

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