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 In-situ theatrical dance workshop for school

 © Catherine Lemaître 

 ©  Francesca Saraullo & Giorgia Carrino 

CORPO SOLARE is a project of in-situ theatrical dance workshops carried out within primary schools which connects dance and the natural and human heritage of the territory surrounding the school.


Through a plastic device of mirrors that reflects sunlight, the idea is to highlight and give another perspective to the architecture and the landscape where the dance takes place.


The intention is to place students in a state of wonder and observation of the relationship between sunlight and the environment. And then, to allow them to play with this device in order to create their own creative and dancing link with the chosen place.



A variant of the LUX project for school and young audience. 

This project is being developed in collaboration with :

dancer, choreographer and visual artist Francesca Saraullo ; dancer, Life Art Process® teacher and geographer Catherine Lemaître ; dancer, choreographer and scenographer Estelle Bibbo.

Support by Mouvance asbl as part of PECA (Cultural and Artistic Education Programme), Belgium.


From body awareness

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To creative discovery without ...


and with mirrors.


And a performance in the surroundings of the school by Estelle Bibbo and Francesca Saraullo.


 © Catherine Lemaître 

The project is adaptable in other pedagogical and socio-artistic cultural contexts !!!

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