Dance video art, 2013

 © frame video

10’ format 16:9, color, French language, sub Eng, 2013, Belgique


Concept & Realisation Francesca Saraullo  

Performance Marie-Claire Alexandra Lapage


Supported by AEsP (Art in the Public Space) and ISAC (Institute of Superior Arts of Choreography), 

Fine Arts of Royal Academyof Brussels


Ballerina is a video dance which presents the portrait of a woman.



Presence, weight, space, time. 

These are the four important elements that I find into a simple and concrete action.

A woman falls over to the right and to the left with her broom. 

She is there, she is present.

The broom disappears and she remains alone to dance in her space and in her time.

She draws circles, lines, spirals. She has fun.

Between reality and dream, her movement turns into a waltz.

Maybe, she is waiting for someone, maybe she is waiting for her job to end.

She dances.



This project was born from my reflection about the possibility to see a “dance” into ordinary activities and different moments of life. 


After a time knowing and observing Marie Claire’s work, I was surprised and fascinated to make out a dance gesture in a temporal space not really perceived, like the presence and the action of a cleaning woman. 

Marie Claire and I have transformed this fragment into dance.  


The video-object’s narration offers another aspect of this woman. A brighter and light side emerges contrary to the everyday life and to the sadness that crosses her eyes. 


I propose another perspective to reflect about dance and choreography. 




BALLERINA, dance video art, 2013

The Ordinary Lives of Women, AVDP, After Words


 © frame video



The Ordinary Lives of Women’s exhibition, Spazju Kreattiv (La Valette, MT)


7th AVDP Athens Video Dance Festival (Athens, GR)


After Words, artistic collaboration with Isabella Soupart, Les Brigittines (Brussels, BE) 


Confort Modern Group Show, Inauguration of the art gallery Clovis XV (Brussels, BE)


Dés-orienté(s), ISELP - Superior Institute for Plastic Languages (Brussels, BE)

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