Archéologie du geste

Research project based on archaic gesture, 2019-2020

 © Mira Matthew

Archéologie du geste is a research project based on archaic gesture: preverbal, primitive, instinctive, with a subtle awareness of body in motion.


The idea came from a desire to question the possibility of humans reconnecting with their animal presence:  a primary essence even before the verbal language. From this angle, I work the body as a transfer, i.e. as a "vehicle" (quote J. Grotowski in “Vers un théâtre pauvre”, L'Age d'Homme, reprinted 1993), which creates a connection between the conscious and the unconscious, the upper and the lower, heaven and earth, matter and spirit, in order to reveal the inner being who is dancing.


I'm looking for gesture that manifests itself in an 'in-between' space, between two spatial entities that tell us about the present moment and the memory of space, giving voice and body to the unconscious, to what is not controlled, to the magic of the entire flow.


The starting point is the body as a sensitive archive, the guardian of memories that are both personal and archaic, made up of sensations, images and emotions.




Project by Francesca Saraullo

Physical & dance & artistic accompanying Florence Augendre

Vocal accompanying Morena Brindisi

Sound research Cabiria Chomel

Dramaturgical accompanying Eszter Nemethi




Charleroi Danse (research grant 2020-2021); Garage29 (GINcubator 2020-2021); Théâtre Marni (young company residency 2020); GC De Kriekelaar (studio 2020-2019); SummerStudios | P.A.R.T.S. (summer 2019); ImPulsTanz – Vienna International Dance Festival in the frame of “ATLAS – create your dance trails” (summer 2019).

video extracts research Archéologie du geste, January 2021, Charleroi danse, Bruxelles, Belgium

“C’est l’art de l’entre-deux-corps béant sur l’espace… la magie du corps-inconscient, l’ivresse du possible, la pensée faite corps, la fréquentation de l’être”.


 Daniel Sibony, LE CORPS ET SA DANSE

"Questa speciale relazione col passato ha anche un altro aspetto. La contemporaneità si iscrive, infatti, nel presente segnandolo innanzitutto come arcaico e solo chi percepisce nel più moderno e recente gli indici e le segnature dell'arcaico può esserne contemporaneo. Arcaico significa: prossimo all'arché, cioè all'origine".



 Giorgio Agamben, NUDITA'


 © Mira Matthew

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